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So, you are a game developer or publisher. And you want to attract more sales to your game. Or maybe you just want to give your game extra visibility.​ Or just some extra cash;)

Here's where we come in handy. We can put your game into our promos, providing a large distribution potential and visibility through our social media and advertising. And you get a good share of revenue, by the way. Want some success story examples? With a little help of our promos Space Ranger ASK , Swiftly, Project Pulsation, Repetend, Beater Spirit, Forbidden Planet, Puzzle Galaxies, Neon Space Ultra and Hard Room got Greenlit on Steam.

We believe that Russia's PC and console game market will expand largely

Tony Watkins, Head of Electronic Arts Russia

Our unique feature is close work with Russian audience through local social media combined with US & Europe markets. If you ever wondered how big Russian game market is, just refer to this stats. According to Newzoo's primary consumer research portfolio, Russia is #1 in the world, when it comes to PC gaming with 98% of gamers playing on PC.

Got some games? Don't you just sit there - contact us now and we will start something big!



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