Mount Hill

A terrible accident at a nuclear test site has led to a radioactive cloud engulfing the suburbs.
Mount Hill citizens got stuck at ground zero of the infection zone, and were forced into quarantine.
The radiation poisoning is off the charts, and those lucky enough to survive started giving birth to hideously mutated, violence-prone offspring.
In an effort to cover up this disaster, the government ordered the military to wipe the whole area off the map.
Those who managed to escape moved to the hills, a place they now call home, where they can exact revenge for the crimes committed against them.
It doesn’t matter who they attack, the only thing that matters is that no one make it out alive.
These once peaceful citizens have been reduced to blood-thirsty mutants, craving nothing more than to kill.
Now that you’ve fallen into their trap, you have to beat all the levels, relying on your own tactics as the only chance for survival.

  • Every location has its own unique gameplay. 
  • Enemies that act in unexpected ways.
  • Specially designed in-game audio essential to beating levels.
  • Study your enemy. The mutants are strong, but lack any real intelligence.
  • Move stealthily and tactfully, or get ready to run!


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