Dead Noir the Heart


In this first-person Murder-Mystery adventure, join Private Investigator-turned-Consultant Jackson Corpse as he assists in solving the most bizarre cases of not only his career but his life. 
Follow a string of bizarre murders across Ratliff City and trace them back to the source. 
Encounter strange characters and some even stranger objects. 
Follow your instincts and attempt to catch the serial killer plaguing Ratliff City. 
Investigate various cases and travel to the scene of the crime to find clues, solve the mystery, and bring the murderer to justice. 
Relax when you're not investigating and watch the News.

Key Features: 

  • "Detective Vision" to See Peculiarities 
  • Multiple Endings 
  • Approximately Two Hours of Gameplay 
  • Original Music Score and Composition 
  • Endgame Chapter Select and Radio Selection

Keyboard Support is here
Control scheme 

WASD - Movement
Left CTRL - Crouch
Left Click - Pickup Objects
E - Interact
Arrow Keys - Navigate Menus



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