Bedfellows FRENZY

Bedfellows FRENZY is a hard as hell, arcade style, smash and loot. Where you rage through various themed levels, demolish buildings, tear though the National Guard, and battle multiple bosses. Crushing and stomping your way up the leader boards, and to ULTIMATE VICTORY! Play as Monster Form Sheen or Fatigue as you unlock new power-ups and stack them to insane levels! Build unique style characters for each run with character bonuses, achievements, and multiple end game cut scenes.

Based off the animated series, Bedfellows FRENZY sports an original soundtrack of chip tune goodness that sets the tone for each level and mini-game! FRENZY is a truly twisted, yet humorous homage to the city smashing arcade classics of the past.

Key Features

  •  Single player story mode
  •  Multiplayer Co-op
  •  Hardcore mode
  •  10 in game cut scenes with multiple endings
  •  5 level bosses
  •  39 Unlockable power-ups and upgrades
  •  50+ Unlockable character bonuses
  •  Weekly global and friend leaderboards
  •  5 Mini games
  •  Extensive stat tracking and progress graphing
  •  12 tracks of original music
  •  Fully voiced dialog
  •  Dragon ♥️♥️♥️♥️


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